How will the timing and frequency of visits be determined?

Dolleina will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your care and identify when and how this service will be delivered.  This is simply the first step in developing the personally tailored programmeme we will develop for you.

Do I have a say in how my care will be provided?

Absolutely! There is only one person who needs to be satisfied regarding delivery of services; that’s YOU. To achieve this satisfaction we need to work with you to understand exactly what your care will entail, your preference on how care will be delivered and convey this information to workers you choose to provide your care.

What makes Dolleina different to other Service Providers?

We have succeeded in providing numerous clients with personalized services, helping them achieve life-long goals and we have many satisfied clients who would be happy to recommend us to become your service provider.

Is attendant care something that I need?

Attendant care is an ideal choice for a large number of people offering a level of support tailored to meet your needs. Attendant care offered by Dolleina is designed to promote your independence and quality of life.

Can I nominate someone to act on my behalf when talking with Dolleina?

You may at any time elect to appoint a person to act on your behalf to support you in any contact you have with Dolleina or any other organisation providing you service.  You may nominate a friend, neighbour, family member or advocacy service as a support person.

How long do we need to establish a service or programme?

There are many factors to be considered such as type of service or geographic location. Establishing a new service in a city area with our existing staff can be achieved relatively quickly.  We can also commence large programmes in regional areas relatively quickly but must allow reasonable time to meet with you, develop a plan, recruit and train staff. We will always discuss our progress with you and allow you to make decisions relating to your care.

Do care workers also do cleaning, laundry and other home maintenance?

Our care workers will complete a range of light cleaning and laundry tasks as part of the attendant care service. Some of our care workers are able to perform home maintenance tasks such as lawns and gardens. Should we be unable to provide a staff member for these duties in your area we will organise a contractor and arrange payment for the services.

Can I participate in the selection of my workers?

Yes! Dolleina believes that clients should play a role in deciding who will be providing their care.  If you do not already have this level of choice and flexibility with an existing provider it may be worth considering a change of service providers.

You have the option to be directly involved in advertising a position, applicant review, interviewing and decisions regarding appointment of individuals for your service.  We will also provide opportunity to meet existing members of our care team where we believe a strong working relationship will be developed.

Areas that may be considered when selecting staff include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Locality
  • Experience/Qualifications
  • General personality traits
  • Similar cultural backgrounds

Locations & Contact

Does Dolleina provide services in my local area?

Services are provided by experienced team members in many metropolitan and rural areas.  Naturally, we do have more services and employees available in regions with greater population density.

Ultimately our model of care is designed to support you regardless of where you choose to live.  In addition to our city based workforce we have developed a large workforce servicing rural and remote areas of NSW.

Can I contact Dolleina outside of normal business hours?

Yes you can. You can contact us any time of the day or night using the main office contact telephone numbers. However we ask use of this number be limited to urgent situations as each Dolleina office operates their on-call service locally and autonomously, meaning you will in many cases be speaking with someone that you already know and someone who has already worked all day.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

It’s really important to understand that sometimes there are simple misunderstandings that are easily and quickly resolved.  The first step is to discuss the issue directly with the other person or people involved.

Should the initial attempts to resolve the issue not be successful, you may elect to contact the office and notify a coordinator or manager of the issue that needs to be resolved and appropriate assistance will be provided to aid in the resolution of the complaint.

In situations where management are notified verbally of a complaint you will be directed to the feedback component of the website where full details of the complaint can be provided.  Once a complaint is lodged you will be provided with an acknowledgement letter, reference number and outline of the process used to investigate the complaint.  We will provide you with a designated contact person for the handling of your complaint and also provide you the opportunity to nominate an alternative.

The person responsible for investigating the complaint will discuss the details of the complaint and request any additional information.  The complaint will be handled impartially so there will always be a need to discuss contents with all persons involved.

Once the investigation is complete the investigator will discuss the findings and outcome with you.

Submit a Complaint


Do you check the background of your employees?

Yes. Dolleina believe that employee record checks are a critical element of managing risks associated with service delivery.  We utilise the CRIMTRAC provider to complete background checks with a return being achieved within 24-hours in most cases.

All employees of Dolleina must consent to the conduct of a National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC). This check is completed by the company prior to commencement of employment, in line with the relevant criteria for disability service providers.  The background of each employee must be re-checked at 3-year intervals.

What Qualifications and training have staff completed?

A great number of our staff have completed Certificate 3 qualifications in Disability, Community or Aged Care. Staff are required to maintain current first aid and CPR training. Upon commencement of employment, we identify gaps in knowledge and provide the specific person with centered training required to care for clients with spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.


Am I eligible to receive services from Dolleina

Dolleina provides access to all persons on a non-discriminatory basis regardless of the individuals race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual preference/lawful sexual activity, age, disability/impairment including infectious disease, physical features, pregnancy, family responsibilities, religious beliefs, political conviction, or gender identity.

In most cases you will already have completed an independent assessment and will already have access to funding for support. Should funding not already be available we will assist you in accessing relevant funding for support.

How do I access funding?

Should you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above it is highly likely you will be eligible to receive individual funding.

There are many factors to consider when accessing funding including:

  • Level of disability
  • Cause of disability
  • Geographic location
  • Age

The progressive implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) throughout Australia will start to remove some of the confusion about where and how to access funding.

Should you not already have access to funding we can either make enquiries on your behalf or provide support for you when making enquiries.

How much does the service cost?

Many of our clients will have the cost of care covered by a government funding body.  Should you not meet the eligibility criteria to receive government funding you may still receive service on a fee-for-service basis.  Our rates are competitive within the industry  and we recommend you discuss your needs with us so we can provide you with a weekly estimate of care costs.

Privacy & Security

How much will the information that I provide Dolleina be protected?

Dolleina has implemented a Privacy Policy & supporting systems in line with the Australian Privacy Principles.

The privacy system ensures that:

  • We collect personal information in a lawful manner that is necessary for the business to provide its services.
  • Information is collected directly from the individual and with the consent of the individual.
  • Information collected via unsolicited means is assessed to verify its validity.
  • Consent is obtained from an individual prior to release of personal information for a secondary purpose; with noted exclusions being court order, requirements of other Acts or enforcement activities.
  • Information is stored and appropriately protected from unauthorised access and distribution.
  • Staff follow the specified protocols relating to the disclosure and distribution of personal information.
  • Individuals are advised of the right to access their own personal information upon request.

Further Information