Dolleina management and employees will always treat clients, family, friends and the community politely and with respect.

When making enquiries about the provision of services we will endeavour to respond to your request promptly and accurately. Providing misleading information will always prove ineffective and damage the relationships that we value.

When working to arrange commencement of a new service we will:

  • Make the time to meet with you
  • Talk to you and understand who you are and your specific needs
  • Develop “My Plan” to highlight what is important to you and how your service will be delivered
  • Involve you in the recruitment and staff selection process. We will introduce you to staff that we feel will compliment your service
  • Develop a roster highlighting your preferred times and preferred staff
  • Provide client focused training for staff to understand your care needs.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of My Plan and work with you to make changes when needed.

The most important ingredient in the success of providing service to people with disabilities is the quality of the relationship that we have, not only with our clients, but also their family and friends. 

When working in human services it is very important for all involved to:

  • Spend enough time to get to know and understand the people working with you
  • Respect each other’s opinions
  • Be honest; especially about the risks and dilemmas inherent in human services
  • Have high expectations of each other
  • Work as a team. When a solution is not clear the most valuable role of an employee may be standing by a client and their family helping to deal with uncertainty and confusion.
  • Discuss any disagreements and openly find a way to work them out
  • Admit and forgive mistakes

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