• Who has been injured?

    If a client has been injured complete a Clinical Incident Form. If you or another employee have been injured continue with the WHS Incident Report.

  • Person Reporting the Incident

    • Incident Categorisation

    • Date & Time of Incident

      • DD/MM/YYYY
      • 9:30am or 0930 hrs
    • Incident Location

      • Equipment

        • Full Description of the incident location and incident events

        • i.e. describe the layout of the working space identifying proximity to fixtures, equipment or other persons present. Any additional documents or photographs can be attached
        • Provide a detailed description of the incident
        • Please identify any injuries sustained

        • Treatment Provided following Incident

        • Witness to Incident

        • Please attach items such as sketches, medical certificates or other documentation.
          Max. file size: 32 MB.

        • Declaration

        Further Information